An application designed
for sea lovers

Portadvisor is the App that contains the most complete nautical guide of the market, able to offer information of all the ports of Spain as well as the beaches and coves.

We offer the most complete nautical experience, showing the closest ports and beaches to the user’s location, once there we show you all beach clubs, repair and refit services, restaurants, naval effects and many more.

Opinions as the
main added value

The App is a platform with basic information for all readers and users. These users create content and value both, ports and beaches to a greater or lesser extent and are based on the parameters that are preset that help to create a complete opinion

Portadvisor is not the typical nautical guide, in a market accustomed to paper and large books that occupy a lot of space, Portadvisor turns all those pages into a complete mobile application where you can find all the necessary information about ports and beaches, but with the added value that paper will never offer, opinions of sailors and sea lovers.

The opinions will not only help the users, but also help the ports, knowing the opinions of their customers, they will be able to see in which aspects they can improve and what are their strengths.

The three key elements


The perfect complement for sea lovers. An App to find the most beautiful beaches and coves on the coast, with the opinions and photographs of other users.


Our support point, thanks to them we can have a complete and always updated database; they have all our support and that makes us grow together.


The key element of the project. Our differential value will be in the opinions published on the platform, and how other users make use of them.

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